Paphos in February & March

The southern Mediterranean is a common destination in the winter, where temperatures are warmer than most of Europe.  February is like a mild winter, but March is an ideal time of year when Cyprus is in full spring and the summer crowds still haven’t arrived.

If you’re considering a trip to Paphos, or a golf breakaway at nearby Aphrodite Hills.  Here’s what to expect in February and March:


Paphos Events in March

Every year in March, Paphos hosts the Cyprus marathon. It’s always a well organised event.  The marathon runs along the beautiful coastal backdrop of the Mediterranean, starting at the mythological birthplace of Aphrodite and finishing at Pafos Medieval Fort in the Paphos centre.

Another sporting event taking place in March is the Cyprus Gran Fondo.  Members of the public can take part in this 3 day cycling event which takes advantage of the bright and cool spring weather.  The begins in Paphos old town and takes in the beautiful Cypritic mountains and surrounding villages.


Paphos Sightseeing in February & March

If you like visiting historical landmarks, this is an ideal time to visit.  Perhaps you might like to visit the tombs of the kings or the archaeological park.  At this time of year you won’t have to wait around in long queues with the sun bearing down on you.

Paphos continues to function like any other town during this time, with many bars, restaurants and shops still open.


Paphos Weather in February & March

  • February average temperature: 17°C
  • March average temperature: 20°C

February is still part of winter in Cyprus, not ideal for lying around on the beach.  Daytime temperatures range in the low to mid teens, however the nights can be very cool.  You may still find that restaurants and resorts heat their outdoor areas so you can continue to enjoy the outside.  If you choose to stay in one of the many close by golf villas, you should still be able to make use of their outdoor spaces for much of March too.

Expect that there may be some occasional rainfall, it’s not impossible for rainfall to last for several days. On the whole however, the chance of rain is relatively low.

What’s The Weather Like in Aphrodite Hills

Early March can still be mildly cold, however mid March on wards is more pleasant, not stifling but warm.   Sunbeds will be out and it will be pleasant for eating and drinking alfresco.


Cyprus Golfing in February & March

Cyprus is a popular destination for golf year round; thanks to its moderate climate Feb/March are no different.  One of the closest and most popular courses is Aphrodite Hills.  The championship course and its facilities remain open in February and March.  Aphrodite Hills can get very busy in the summer so visiting in March for instance may be a lot more leisurely.  You also have the added benefit of moderate weather, not not overbearing temperatures.



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  1. This is much better than the weather where we live in February. My husband and me were looking for an Aphrodide Hills Villa. Villa Elaina looks lovely, we hope to come next year some time before the peak season starts!

  2. Thinking about taking a visit to Aprodite Hills next March, will be much warmer than the north of England.

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