An Introduction to Paphos Cyprus

Named as the European capital of culture in 2007, Paphos is a sun-soaked mythological gem, on the western side of Cyprus.  Populated since the Neolithic times the town is steeped in Greek history, with many sites dedicated to the goddess of Aphrodite.  Old Paphos is also said to be her mythical birthplace.  Paphos is also home to the aforenamed Aphrodite hills golf resort; named the 2018 European golf resort of the year. Home to the beautiful villa Eleaina.

If golf isn’t your think there is plenty to whet the appetite of any archaeology lover, with 12 museums and the nearby ‘Tomb of the Kings’ world heritage site.   The city itself is home to the remains of several forts, amphitheatres and villas, marking Paphos as one of Cyprus’s most important cultural centres.  Many of the sites are located in the Kato Paphos Archaeological site, situated close to the waterfront.

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Paphos is also popular for its many pristine golden beaches which attract thousands of tourists every year thanks to the islands year round warm weather.  In fact Cyprus typically receives 350 days a year of sun!   The popular resort of Coral bay is also not too far, just a short 20 minute drive from Paphos.

The fourth largest city in Cyprus, it is home to some 66,000 residents.  The town itself is nestled between the beautiful surrounding hills, adorned with indigenous olive and citrus trees.

If you fancy relaxation away from the many beach strips on the Paphos coastline the tranquil Adonis baths are a recommended visit.  The site features calming natural waterfalls on two levels where visitors can bathe and cool down from the summer heat.  The site is also home to marvellous status of lovers Aphrodite and Adonis, as well as Athena and Priapos.  For a little extra relaxation the Adonis Baths also provide mud therapy.

Paphos international airport has direct flights from several European countries including the UK.  The airport is conveniently located a short drive away from the city.

The city has enjoyed year-on-year growth with thousands of tourists visiting and more countries opening up flights to Paphos international airport.  The sense of security is a definite bonus, with low crime rates the city is a safe, welcoming place for all the family.

One thing’s for sure, the once European capital of culture certainly has a lot to offer, whether you’re after a relaxing beach holiday or want to take in some of the rich history the city has to offer, there is something for everyone.

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