What’s The Weather Like in Aphrodite Hills


Located south of Turkey in the east of the Mediterranian, Cyprus enjoys a warm, sunny climate most of the year.  Thanks to this it’s golf resorts, namely Aphrodite Hills, are able to open year-long.  But what about the finer details? Just what sort of temperature can you expect from a stay in an Aphrodite Hills villa?


What is the weather like in March, April & May?

If you want to beat the rush and searing summer heat, you might consider booking a golf holiday in the spring.  You can expect around 20 days of sun with an average temperature of:

  • 20° C in March
  • 20 – 25° C in April
  • 25° C in May

Humidity is comfortable, around 60-70%.

Aphrodite Hills in the Summer

The summer is the busiest and most popular time.  Being a coastal resort, Aphrodite Hills has the benefit of a pleasant sea breeze to ease the scorching temperatures.  No need to worry about trekking round the course, golf buggies are standard at Aphrodite Hills and are a common method for getting around.

The UV index can be high from June to September, ranging from 7-8 and sometimes 9.  If you want to avoid turning into a burnt lobster, adequate protection is advised!

The humidity in the summer is comfortable, around 70-74%.

You can expect between 27-31 days of sun with average temperatures of:

  • 30° C for July-September

Aphrodite Hills in fall/autumn & winter

As said previously, Cyprus enjoys year-round great weather, even when its getting colder elsewhere.  If you were to plan a golfing getaway in November for instance, you can expect an average temperature of 17° C.  Rain is minimal, perhaps 3-5 days on average.  November is definitely the cut off point for lack of rain, you can expect more in December and January, however temperatures generally hold.

And yes, the Aphrodite Hills golf course is open during winter and continues to run its facilities.


How often does it rain in Aphrodite Hills?

Unless you are planning to visit in December or January, rain is minimal, and almost non-existent in the summer.


How windy is it?

Critical to any golfer, you want to know the wind speed.  Being an on the coast of an island Aphrodite Hills attracts a fair amount of wind.

Typical average wind speeds for the area are around 12-15 (kmph) in spring and around 9 (kmph) in the summer.

Average gust speeds in spring are around 20 (kmph) and in the summer 17 (kmph)


So there you have it!

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