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Looking for the perfect family holiday destination that combines luxurious accommodations, stunning landscapes, and exciting sports activities for your kids? Look no further than Villa Eleaina at the renowned Aphrodite Hills Resort in Paphos, Cyprus.

This article will highlight the fantastic sports camps available for children at the resort, including basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf, offering a unique experience for young sports enthusiasts.

At the end of each sports camp, every child will be rewarded for their dedication and hard work. Participants will receive a certificate of participation, a commemorative medal, and an exclusive training shirt. These tokens of achievement will serve as lasting reminders of their incredible experience and motivate them to continue pursuing their sporting aspirations.


For kids with a passion for hoops, the Aphrodite Hills Resort offers an engaging basketball camp experience. Under the guidance of professional coaches, children can improve their skills, learn new techniques, and engage in friendly competitions. The basketball camp provides a structured environment that promotes teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition.

Things to do whilst staying at the Aphrodite hills resort | villa eleaina -basketball camp


Does your child dream of becoming the next soccer superstar? The soccer camp at Aphrodite Hills Resort can help turn their dreams into reality. Experienced coaches provide training sessions focusing on technical skills, tactical awareness, and physical conditioning. Your child will have the opportunity to showcase their talent, learn from peers, and make lasting memories.

Things to do whilst staying at the Aphrodite hills resort | villa eleaina - soccer camp


For young tennis enthusiasts, the resort offers a comprehensive tennis camp that caters to all skill levels. From beginners to advanced players, the camp provides expert coaching, personalized training sessions, and fun-filled drills. Children will enjoy honing their skills on well-maintained courts while learning sportsmanship and gaining a deeper understanding of the game.

Things to do whilst staying at the Aphrodite hills resort | villa eleaina - tennis camps


While you indulge in a relaxing round of golf at the resort’s world-class golf course, your child can explore their passion for the sport at the golf camp. With professional instructors, the camp offers lessons tailored to individual abilities. From mastering the swing to understanding course management, children will receive comprehensive training and have the opportunity to put their skills to the test on the stunning fairways.

Things to do whilst staying at the Aphrodite hills resort | villa eleaina - golf camp

Villa Eleaina – fun for all of the family!

Villa Eleaina at Aphrodite Hills Resort in Paphos, Cyprus, offers an exceptional opportunity for families seeking an unforgettable vacation experience. The sports camps, ranging from basketball and soccer to tennis and golf, provide children with expert coaching, skill development, and the chance to make new friends. The added benefits of certificates, medals, and training shirts add to the excitement and sense of accomplishment. With Villa Eleaina as your base, parents can enjoy a round of golf while their children thrive in their chosen sports, making cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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