Real Madrid Football Comes to Aphrodite Hills

If you’re a young football enthusiast looking to take your skills to the next level, there’s an exciting opportunity awaiting you in the picturesque town of Paphos, Cyprus. The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic, hosted in collaboration with the Aphrodite Hills Resort, is set to ignite your passion for the beautiful game.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this incredible coaching program and explore how it can help aspiring footballers reach their full potential.

Unleashing Potential on the Pitch

The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic in Paphos is a comprehensive six-week coaching program designed for boys and girls aged 6-17 years. Led by experienced coaches from the renowned Real Madrid Foundation, this initiative provides a unique opportunity to learn from the very best in the world of football.

The Training Program

The clinic offers three daily training sessions, five days a week, providing participants with ample time to refine their skills and build a solid foundation. Each session is meticulously designed to focus on different aspects of the game, including technique, tactics, and physical conditioning. With a maximum of 25 participants per session, the program ensures a personalised and engaging experience for every young footballer involved.

Embracing a Real Madrid Experience

Upon joining the Real Madrid Foundation Clinic, participants receive a complimentary training kit, complete with a jersey, shorts, and socks. This not only instills a sense of belonging but also helps foster a united team spirit among aspiring football stars. Additionally, transportation to and from the training field is available upon request, making it convenient for participants to focus solely on their development and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Building Skills and Confidence

The primary objective of the Real Madrid Foundation Clinic is to help participants improve their skills, boost their confidence, and enhance their overall understanding of the game. Under the guidance of qualified coaches, young footballers receive personalized attention, allowing them to refine their technique and develop a deeper tactical awareness. Through a series of engaging and dynamic training exercises, participants are encouraged to push their limits, explore their potential, and take their game to new heights.

The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic in Paphos, Cyprus, offers an incredible opportunity for young football enthusiasts to train like the best. With a focused training program, top-tier coaching staff, and a supportive and safe environment, participants can expect to develop their skills, enhance their understanding of the game, and nurture a lifelong passion for football.

Key information

  • 6 weeks programme
  • Boys and girls aged 6-17 years
  • Three daily sessions for 5 days a week
  • 25 participants per session
  • Complimentary training kit (jersey, shorts and socks)
  • Transportation to and from the training field (upon request)
  • Certificate of participation

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