Top 10 Beaches Near Paphos

Every year thousands of tourists and locals alike flock to the beautiful beaches along the 50km Paphos coastline. Renowned for clear waters and perfect year long-weather the sandy beaches along the south west coast of Cyprus make for a perfect getaway for people of all ages.

Many of the beaches are well equipped with a range of water sports, good facilities, sunbeds and an array of quality restaurants and bars.

There are no fewer than 27 beaches along the Paphos shoreline, from large beaches to small peaceful hideouts. We have compiled 10 of the top beaches to help you decide on where is best to spend your time.

  1. Coral Bay

Often heralded as the most beautiful beach in the area, Coral Bay offers golden sands and calm, shallow waters. The beach is very popular and features an array of water sports, taverns, bars, cafes and restaurants to cater to the many people who flock there. It’s a short distance from the Paphos town, (a 25 minute bus ride), busses run every 10 minutes from the Paphos Harbour.

2. Corallia Beach

If you prefer a more secluded spot, consider the Corallia Beach, north of Paphos and a little further from Coral Bay. Unofficially named after the close-by hotel, the beaches official name is actually Laourou Beach, but locals and tourists know it as Corallia.

The beach is a great spot for bathing with a wide range of loungers for rent. Or for those who like swimming, Corallia is ideal for all ages, thanks to it’s small breakwater which offers extra protection.

The beach restaurant is a great way to unwind with it’s two terraces overlooking the Mediterranean.

Parking is hassle free in the nearby car park.

3. Geroskipou Beach / Riccos Beach

A large stone and sandy beach just south of Paphos and close the towns water park. The beach is a special place, in large part due to the Riccos beach bar, which even features it’s own tree houses and beautiful decorations. The beach is loved by locals and makes for an excellent destination for both relaxation and a fun family day out. Geroskipou is best reached by car or bus.

The water is shallow, calm and crystal clear, ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Facilities include showers and toilets. Lifeguards operate on the beach from April to October

4. Lara Beach

Lara beach is a beautiful remote stretch of un-spoilt beach which is famous for it’s turtle nets. There are no facilities, but for many it’s well worth the journey. A word of warning however, the last three miles of the track are a little rough, but it all adds to the adventure! It’s around a 55 minute drive, not accessible by public transport.

St George Beach

A large, man made beach set in a cove in Chloraka (a district of Paphos). St George Beach has good facilities and is great for snorkelling. The beach enjoys a man made man made breakwater which provides calm waters for swimming.

5. Vardas Beach

A small, sandy beach set in a cove just north of Paphos. Vardas is a great choice if you’re after a more secluded spot away from the crowds.

Many people come to Vardas beach for the restaurant, which also provides sunbeds to paying customers, and provides service to them. There is quite a bit of shingle, so beach shoes are recommended.

6. Vrisoudia Beach

Close to the centre of Paphos, this 300m stretch of beach is a peaceful escape in the Kato Paphos area. It’s one of the few rock free beaches in Paphos.

7. Alykes Beach

A centrally located beach with sunbeds and nearby facilities. Alykes beach is a small strip below the promenade which leads to the harbour. Due to the close proximity to the promenade Alykes beach gets filled up quite quickly, but it’s small, protected space helps to maintain a sense of seclusion.

Sunbeds can be rented and are inexpensive. A nearby restaurant and bar offers service to the loungers.

8. Aphrodite Beach

A little way south of Paphos, and close to the Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort is the spectacular Aphrodite’s rock, said to be the mythical birthplace of the Greek Goddess. It’s not so much the beach which is the standout feature here (it’s shingle), but it is a beautiful scene. There’s lots of free parking, a shop and restaurant nearby, The water is very clear and great for snorkelling.

Legend says if you swim around the rock you will stay young and beautiful!

9. Zapalo Beach

A hidden gem close to Pissouri and Episkopi, around an hour south of Paphos. You cannot drive the last 1km and have about a 20 minute walk but the view from the top of the cliffs is spectacular. The large cape protects this sandy beach from south westerly winds, resulting in calm waters.

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