Is it Safe to Visit Cyprus During Coronavirus Crisis?

Dreaming of the beautiful greens of Cyprus’s sun-kissed golf courses? Or perhaps the pristine Blue Flag beaches of the Paphos coastline? We all need a break, and it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

Coronavirus has put a stop to travel plans for millions of people. But restrictions can’t last forever. Cyprus is in a good position to re-open its doors to tourists and could be a preferred travel destination for holiday makers in late 2020 – early 2021.

A hugely popular tourist destination in normal times, visitors to the country contribute a significant amount to the country’s economy. Cyprus has an invested interest to encourage holidaymakers back to it’s sun-soaked shores, but only if it is safe.

How safe is Cyprus for tourists?

As Coronavirus is going to be with us for some time, no country is 100% safe. Cyprus has however been able to avoid high cases of COVID-19 as seen in most of Europe with just 843 confirmed cases (at time of writing). Cases peaked toward the beginning of April and have been gradually falling since. You can view a chart of confirmed cases and deaths any time using Google Data.

Cyprus was quick to ban all flights back on 21st March and has undergone strict lockdown measures since – helping to keep cases down.

Compared to other countries that have been more heavily hit by COVID-19, Cyprus could be seen as a safer option for future travel during the global outbreak. Of course you should always follow the advice of your countries foreign office.

When will travel resume?

It was announced this week that Cyprus could be ready to welcome tourists back from July – though Britain will be restricted for some time after this. The country’s deputy culture and tourism minister said: “The important thing is that travel agents have Cyprus in mind…there are positive signs from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Nordic countries, Greece, Israel and perhaps the Netherlands.”

Is the Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort open?

Villa Eleania is situated on the beautiful Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort in southern Cyprus. Like thousands of other hotels and hospitality businesses on the island, the resort has been following advice from the government and been closed during lock-down but is poised to re-open when safe to do so. Up to date information can be found on the Aphrodite Hills website.

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